Fishing For Cords

There are so many cords to keep up with these days.  I have my cell phone, my ipod, my bluetooth ear piece, my camera, my other camera, my video camera, my daughter’s camera….the list just goes on and on.  There are two cords in particular that we use ALL the time.

 The first is the phone charger I have at my desk.  I like having my phone right by me while I work and it’s a plus to have it plugged in.  What I do not like is fishing down underneath or behind my desk to find the cord to plug in my phone twelve times a day.  So…I have a solution.  I saw this somewhere and decided to try it out.  It’s fabulous.  My phone cord is always in the right place…right where I need it.  No more fishing.   It’s a binder clip that I clipped onto the glass topper on my desk.  I did have to disassemble the binder clip in order to get the iphone charger cord through…but now it’s perfect.

The second cord that drives me bonkers is my husband’s bedside phone charger.  He uses it every night and then in the morning unplugs his phone and the cord is this long snake that I step on when trying to make the bed or get to my dresser.  So I invented another type of cord wrangler.   This is a picture hanging component.  I just nailed it into the back of the bedside table and voila.  I threaded the phone cable through and it lays nicely on top of his bedside table and is there for him each night right where he left it to charge his phone.

Sometimes it’s just simple inexpensive things like this that really make life great.  Just a little inconvenience eliminated.  Have you ever done this with your cords?  Have you thought of another clever trick?  Share it here!


  1. This is such an awesome idea!!