Five of My Favorite Things

I was shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond this morning and realized that I have a few favorite organizing tools.  They aren’t needed in all situations but they are a few things that I really love and I thought I’d introduce you if you don’t already know and love them.  All my clients will probably know at least one of these things that I have recommended.

First up…oxo food storage containers.  They are clear, rectangular, stackable and air tight.  I love them and they are so super great in the pantry.  I have several and I’d have more if I actually had a decent size pantry.  They are also super easy for children (and husbands) to reseal unlike some other food storage containers.

Second…slimline hangers.  I have these in my closet and in my big kids’ closets.  They are great because they take up so very little room and things don’t slip off of them…a problem I find more with my clothes and my daughter’s clothes.  I doubled my closet storage space when I went from wooden hangers to these.  If your space is limited…these are amazing!

Third…drawer dividers.  I find these especially helpful with little children’s drawers.  You can split up a drawer and keep shorts on one side and socks on the other.  I had a client use these recently to divide her girls’ pjs…oldest child from youngest child. It’s actually quite suprising how much these help you feel like you have more drawer space.

Fourth…lazy susans.  I haven’t tried this particular lazy suzan but I think it would actually be ideal for my shallow 1960s cabinets.  I use these for my medicine cabinet currently but I have a client who used them for all her many many spices.  I could see using this in a refrigerator for condiments as well.  They really avoid the “what’s lurking in the back of the cabinet” problem so many of us suffer from.

Fifth…removable closet rod.  I have used these in so many combinations in my children’s closets.  There are two metal rods that hang down from your existing closet rod and then a bar that goes across to connect them.  It is adjustable by height…so you can hang clothing at a child’s level or so that you can double your available closet space.  It’s adjustable by width so you can customize it for your specific closet.  I have use them to separate clothing when two children are sharing a closet.  Sooo many great uses for this simple inexpensive gadget.


  1. I love all your suggestions. My only caution is on the closet rods… son liked to swing from ours….like a monkey! It broke. I miss it….but have decided until there is a little more self control in that room that we will just shove everyone’s clothing together on the top rod! But before the monkey incident…..loved the room that it gave us in the closet!