Keeping Up With Blogs

Are you familiar with google reader? Do you read many blogs and have a hard time remembering their url?  Do you wish you knew what blogs were worthy of your time when you have a few minutes for reading? Read on!

I am an avid blog reader.  I have a short attention span and a blog post is just the right thing for me.  I currently have 166 blogs I am subscribed to.  Yes! You read that right.  Ha!  How do I keep up with all those blogs?  Google Reader.  There are all kinds of different apps and such to keep up with the blogs you read but I prefer google reader.  I love all things google and it’s just so easy.   I have a little “subscribe” button in my bookmark toolbar and when I happen upon a blog that I’d like to read more of I just click on “subscribe”.  It immediately adds it to my reader (must have a google account).

The next part of my reading routine is magic.  The google “next” bookmarklet…oh baby!

from the google reader blog: “The “Next” bookmarklet allows you to use Google Reader through just one link — clicking on it takes your browser to the next unread item in your reading list (marking it as read in the process). I like to use it to go through my photoblog folder. It’s also useful for subscriptions that only include snippets, or when I want to read an article in context.”

I just click the “next” button in my toolbar and I go from blog to blog in their full beautiful online glory.  It’s wonderful!

I also have a google reader app on my iphone and I usually reserve that for when I’m putting a child to bed and they need someone to sit with them in silence.  I also use it to read when I’m sitting in a doctor’s waiting room…for an hour…ha!

So…hope that helps you keep up with your blogs.  Am I crazy for having 166 blogs I follow?  Go put me in your google reader! 🙂