Listen To Your Own Advice…I Must Confess

So I must confess,  I had a bit of meltdown with a good friend this week.  I was feeling overwhelmed with all the life changes going on here at my house.  I wouldn’t consider myself an over achiever in motherhood but I do like to accomplish what goals I set for myself. This week however, I’ve felt a bit like I was chasing my own life.  My 8 year old told me that all she wanted for her birthday was poppyseed chicken…a dinner favorite. Which means I haven’t made it in quite a long time and she was really jonesing for some good food.   My 6 year old on the way home from soccer practice asked for McDonald’s which I declined and then he said “so we’re ordering something out”…ah…this is what my life has become?  My kids don’t even expect that they are going to get a home cooked meal.  I’m usually so good about getting my errands run and getting things accomplished in my day but since I started working…ironically organizing…I have had a harder time getting it all done.  I know many of you working mothers are saying to yourself, “Well duh, Julie…that’s what life is like when you’re a working mother.” And for the most part you are right…it’s a juggle…but I think I’ve just had a really hard week adjusting.  But then I got to talk with a couple of my good friends and they really helped me to see that I’m normal…that my life doesn’t have to run me…that I’m ultimately in control. I want to help every single person who needs me and I want to help them immediately…but unfortunately I just can’t do that.  I need to be a better planner of my own life. I need to listen to my own advice.

Today we had our first soccer game of the season….and now I’m home and doing nothing but hanging out at home and enjoying my family.  It’s amazing how quickly we can fuel back up so we don’t feel like life is spinning too fast.  So grateful that my family helps ground me! Can you relate?


  1. Anyone who doesn’t relate- isn’t a working mom! It’s a constant struggle but I can’t help but think ten years from now it’ll all be worth it! Take a break and go see “I don’t know how she does it”, sjp’s new flick.