Vacation Does A Body Good

I took a short little mommy vacation this past weekend.  I spent Thursday through Sunday visiting one of my best friends in Alabama.  The Mr. stayed back home with our three kiddos and didn’t complain one bit.  I’m so grateful for times like that to just get away and have fun with a friend.   She lives in a beautiful home that looks out on a lake.  It was almost magical to watch the mist roll over the top of the lake in the morning.

She invited some of her friends over for donuts and coffee on Friday morning.   It’s always fun to meet friends of your friends since I find you usually get along with them like they are your own.  We got these delicious donuts from a local shop.  I chose the creme filled and I think my blood sugar was at toxic levels.

Then we drove out to a little town called Prattville, Alabama.  We ate some delicious BBQ from Fat Boy’s Bar-B-Que Ranch.

We did a little drive by of The Lettered Cottage on our way out of town.  A blog about home DIY projects and decorating.  We love their blog.  They are getting ready to make over a home in Suwanee, GA and hopefully it will be on TV soon enough.   Best of luck with that Kevin and Layla!

We also shopped in a couple of little antique/flea market type shops while I was in town.  Unfortunately we have no treasures to show for those trips.

Finally we did a couple projects around her home.  We painted a small wall, stained an antique cranberry crate that she wants to hang on the wall and moved things around in her garage so that both of their family vehicles could fit inside.  All in all a very fun and productive weekend.  I got to have some great conversations in the car on the phone on my drive over and my drive home.   My house was still standing and all my children were well fed and happy…though my 2 year old was running around naked in the back yard.  Ha!

Do you take time to do things like this for yourself? Where would you go if you were planning a trip for just you?