Get It Outta Here!

So you’ve started working on organizing your home.  You have decluttered a bit and you have piles of stuff sitting around neatly waiting for you to find a home for them.  You have some furniture you’re using but it’s not exactly working for you like you wanted.  You paid good money for something or your mother gave it to you. What do you do?  There are a few ways to get rid of things…some require a bit more work than others.

Selling Things Online:

Craigslist:  This is my personal favorite!  Craigslist is a free online classifieds service.  I have sold sooo many items on Craigslist over the years.  I’ve bought plenty as well.  You can post pictures and descriptions and name your price.  I find this works extremely well for furniture, children’s items and things people would search for by name brand.    I have found that if you price things well your items move pretty quickly.  My friends know that I love to sell things on Craigslist just to turn around and purchase something there.

Amazon:  I have used Amazon to sell books, movies and video games.  Amazon does take a fee for using their website but for very little effort you can sell items here.

Ebay:  I’m not sure if people use Ebay as much as they used to.  I personally only search for clothing on here from time to time…looking for a specific item.

Selling Things In Person:

Yardsale: Honestly, I’m not a super huge fan of yardsales.  Why?  Because they take a lot of work and a lot of time. They also require that you save up a bunch of stuff in order to have a good sale.  I need more instant gratification on an organizing/decluttering project.  Once I decide something is leaving my home….I want it gone!  But they can be great and I know many people who have made buckets of quarters selling things at yardsales.

Flea Market:  We have a flea market that is pretty close by and I know a few people who have paid the $4 or maybe a little more to have a booth there.  Sometimes this is a great idea if you’re getting rid of knick knacks or collections.  I haven’t ever tried this but one of my best friends is a big fan.

Consignment:  I sell all my children’s clothing and toys at Kidsignments, a huge consignment sale in Gwinnett County GA.  I decide the price I want for an item and they sell it at their 1400 seller sale.  I make 70% of what I sell. The best part for me is being able to go to the sale and shop before it opens to the public.  I usually make close to what I spent and so I’ve essentially swapped out all my kids clothing and toys for virtually nothing.  There are also all kinds of consignment stores for clothing as well as furniture.  If you have a really nice piece of furniture this is often a great idea for a way to get it out of your house until you can find a buyer.   Check with any local decorators and they will know the best shops to use for this.


Local Swap Group:  I recently started a local swap group here in Athens, GA.  I started it on facebook as a group and we have about 260 members in our group.  I think we probably have about 60 who are actively swapping right now.  We post pictures of things we have to swap and we make wishlists of items that we’d love to receive in a swap.  So far it’s been really fun and I have gotten some really great stuff.  I think I’m going to have to do a blog post about all the wonderful things I have swapped for.  The best part about this idea is that I am getting rid of things but I’m also getting things.  This particularly works out great for things that might be hard to sell for much money but still have a good value.  People are swapping furniture, lamps, art, clothing, toys, services, electronics and even unused toiletries.


Goodwill:  Goodwill is my go to donation spot because they make it really easy.   They have a truck parked in my Lowe’s parking lot and I drive up…give the workers my bags and get a receipt for my items in case I want to use the donation as a tax deduction.

Pickup Services:  There are a few services that will come and pick up  your items for you from your house.  Here in Athens we have The Potter’s House and I have also used the Kidney Foundation.

The most important thing is to actually get rid of your items.  If they aren’t useful anymore in your home then they are just clutter…no matter how much money you paid for them.  You might be suprised that you can swap things out in your home for very little money if you have something to sell.   I recently helped a client redo her basement and we got several storage items for free by swapping some of the things she was purging from her home.

Are you a donate it and get it out kind of person or do you like saving every knick knack for your annual yard sale? Have you made good money on Craigslist?  Do you have a pile of things that you don’t know what to do with them but they just need to go?

I challenge you to rehome them…give them away, sell them…you choose!


  1. I think it is so important too for people to remember, they paid a certain price per square foot for their home when then purchased or rented it. Clutter taking up space really costs them money!! I personally fall in to the donate it category, and it makes me feel good to donate really good quality items that I know will help charity.

  2. I’m so happy to be a part of the swap group. It’s awesome! = )