Be careful what you bring inside

I recently started a  swap group on facebook for my friends.  I’m notorious for selling things in my home in order to buy something else.  My friends always kidded me about it but really they wanted to do it themselves.  I decided to start a little group where we could post pictures and wishlists and be able to swap things with each other so that we don’t have to spend money.  It’s been so fantastic.  So many great things have been swapped and I think people are really happy with what they are getting.  Our little group has grown to about 220 people.  One of the temptations of the swap group though is to grab up anything and everything that you love.

One thing I wanted to challenge you about is what you bring into your home.  All of us are out and about and see things we love.  We sometimes purchase those things and sometimes let them go.  When we see things for a good deal we are often tempted to purchase them more because we know what a good deal we are getting.  What about when something doesn’t cost you anything.  Are you likely to accept it or bring it into your home just because you like it and it is free?  Do you pause to think about how you will use this item or where it will live in your home?  Are you planning on taking something out of your home to bring something new in.  Think before you do so.  What you bring into your home should not only be beautiful but it should also function well in your home.  There is such a thing as too much of a good thing.  Be purposeful in decorating your home.  If you buy something and it doesn’t work out, return it or resell it or give it away.  Don’t keep it just because you think someday you might, possibly use it.  Think hard about these things…you will enjoy the things you have if you can see them, touch them and enjoy them. You will not enjoy them if you are stepping over them or trying to keep them from falling out on top of you from the closet.