It’s Business Time

My brand spanking new business cards came in the mail yesterday.  My sister created them for me and she did an awesome job.  Thank you Jami Howard!  I was so excited I was literally dancing around my house.  Yes…I’m pretty silly!  It just makes me feel so official to have something to hand my clients and for them to hand their friends.  And I know you are going to want to pass these along. Why?  Because on the back of the card has a referral part.  It has a place for you to write your name on the back and then when a new client hires me and turns in the referral card you get free organizing money.  Isn’t that great?! I know I would be so excited if my hair stylist or electrician did that.  I already refer people to them all the time but if it earned me money for my haircuts or my home projects I would be so much more referral happy.  Ha!

So, if you’re local…I have a stack of business cards with my name on them waiting for you to put your name on them and earn you some organizing time with me!  I can’t wait to help more people make their homes Neat & Pretty!


  1. Those are gorgeous!! Congrats 🙂