Closet Switcheroo: Before & After

My client began an incredible double room makeover.  New paint, new bedding, new arrangement of beds…and it was almost complete.  She needed one more component…organized closets.  She had switched rooms and therefore needed to switch closets too.  We purged out clothing that was too big for her baby but too small for her biggest.  We got rid of some things that no one liked at all.  We made two HUGE trash bags full of stuff for her to sell at the upcoming consignment sale…but best of all we made it look and function so much better!

Here’s a look at closet #1 before:

and closet #1 after:

Closet #2 before:

and closet #2 after:

These closets were done on a budget.  We purchased hangers, laundry baskets and the green crates.  Quite a lot of change for not a lot of money.  I know my client is very happy with them because she’s not even put the doors back on the closets!  Imagine what you could do with one of your closets with just a little bit of change? Which closet would you like to redo?


  1. I like closets. ha. We have an old home and our “master bedroom” doesn’t even have a closet. The kids’ room closets are teeny.
    The only large closet we have is the one under the stairs. It’s near the front door, so we use it for shoes and coats…but there is a lot of space there that’s not utilized.
    Question–Do you have suggestions for a way to light that closet without running electricity to it? We might put the closet to better use if we could actually see into the back of it!

    • One solution for the light would be to use a battery powered light. I have found that they are just not very helpful and they don’t work very well. You might be suprised to find that an hour of an electrician’s time is really worth it to have a light in your closet. I have lights in all but three of my closets and I really love having them so functional. Another option would be a lamp of some sort that plugged in somewhere outside of the closet. We are lacking in plugs in this 1960s house so I imagine that’s an issue at your home too.

  2. That was supposed to say, “I’d like closets.”

    Just wanted to add that I love this makeover. I esp like the white and green…and that little bookcase next to the closet. <3

  3. Looks great Julie! I’d love to hear what you’d suggest for our one and only “family” closet. We have an old bungalow style home with the upstairs bedrooms (1 big, 2 quite small) and only two closets in the whole house. There’s a narrow deep one in our downstairs that I use for hanging coats and storing my craft supplies in and upstairs is a wider one that was made under a dormer, where we have a big steel (?) pipe running from one end to the other for hanging clothes. I also have a tall wood shelf in there for keeping my jeans, shorts & sweaters on.

    • Older homes didn’t have closets since people used armoires and unfortunately sometimes that is the solution when you don’t have a lot of closet space in your home. I hang most of our clothing. We have shorts, pajamas, undies, socks and swimsuits in dressers in our rooms and sweaters and sweatshirts are on a shelf in the closet. I hang all of our jeans and pants. I think if you have limited closet space you need to maximize it with thin hangers. Sounds like it might not be tall enough to take advantage of a double closet rod such as this which we have hanging in a couple of our closets to double the hanging space. What do you find is the limitation of that one closet or how is it not functioning for you?