I was reading a favorite blog this morning: You Are My Fave .  She found this photo of someone organizing their polaroid pictures by color.  What a cute (and time consuming) activity.  I don’t really do it as often as I think about it.  I realized how much I enjoy organizing things by color.


I don’t always think it’s super functional but I do think it’s always beautiful.  In my den I have a bookshelf that I organized by color.   I love it so much.  I will admit though that I’m not a reader…well I read a LOT of blogs but I don’t read many books.  So I never really remember who wrote something but I really do picture a book and remember the color and find it that way.   I’m much more of a visual learner type.  I call this rainbowetical order.  My 8 year old would like to point out that this is in fact NOT rainbow order.  Whatever my dear…I love it as it is.   I know many people who organize their clothing this way.  Have you ever organized your books this way?  What else do you like to organize by color?


  1. I have my scarf collection organized ‘rainbowetically’- so pretty!