Five on Friday

I thought I’d start a Friday post where I write about random things…maybe it will let you all get to know me a bit better.  Maybe it will bore you but you’ll still laugh and read.  Here goes…

Five on Friday

1.  I am so grateful for our babysitter.  She is just super awesome.  She loves my kids immensely.  They squeal with delight when they hear she is coming.  She has been setting up a “kid’s cafe” for them while she’s here and they sit in the den, read a book, listen to quiet music and get to order a snack and a drink.  Yesterday my oldest child worked in the kid’s’ cafe with her apron on and her pad of paper with the orders.  They love her which means I love her.

2.  School starts in 17 days.  I am ready. Not ready because my kids are driving me bonkers.  Ready because I’m excited about the new year for them.  I am excited to see who their teacher is and whose class they will be in.  I’m excited that my 1st grader will feel like one of the big kids as he walks by the kindergarten classrooms and excited that my 3rd grader is a really big kid.  She’s over the hump of elementary school now.

3.  I bought school supplies yesterday and I was good.  I only bought what was needed for now.   We live in a county that has a good deal of poverty and so our school supply lists are not extensive.  I am grateful.  I will however look for the teacher ‘wish lists’ and fill them up with some goodies because I once was a school teacher and I remember how grateful I was to have extra supplies that didn’t have to come out of my own pocket.

4.  My eye hurts.  I have a style in my eye.  I’m googling all kinds of remedies and relief techniques.  I look like an alien and feel like I’ve been in a fight.

5.  My sister is awesome.  She is a social media and blog whiz kid.  She has helped me get my facebook page up and running.  She has helped me get my blog looking great.  She’s fixed a number of things that I couldn’t figure out with both.  She’s coming over today to finish working on the blog and to finish working on my logo for my business cards.  I’m so grateful she lives nearby and we are able to work together.  What a blessing…makes my heart happy. Check her out:

Have a great weekend! See you next week!


  1. Jenna Williams :

    You are so sweet! Hope they still squeal after yesterday’s activities 🙂
    How’s your eye? Found any pink eyeshadow to match the other one to it yet?! Hope you’re feeling better!