Musical Cleanup

I went over to my sister’s last night for a little girls night.  A much needed reprieve in the summer when my children are home “bored” from school and it’s too hot to send them outside all day.  When I left children were running around like they’d eaten a night’s full of halloween candy and my house was NOT neat & pretty….to say the least.   I love my husband dearly but cleaning just isn’t his thing.  I usually know that when I come home from an event like this my house will look much the same, sometimes worse.  My children will however have had a good night and be in their beds.

But last night I came home to find my three children tucked in their beds and my house was super tidy.  I made SURE to compliment my sweetie on a job well done.  Then he revealed his secret…musical cleanup.  I share this with you because I’m sure at least one of you needs to creatively enlist your children to help you tidy up your space.  You give each child their own room to clean up.  You blast some super exciting tunes on the speakers and tell them to pick  up their stuff as quickly as possible.  Then when the music stops you have to freeze.  And then it starts again.  No prizes needed, no allowance rewards…they did the whole house and they had a great time. Now I do realize my days of these kind of tricks are numbered as my oldest approaches the double digits.

The best part was this morning when I woke up and walked into the living room.  I had forgotten about the great tidy up and was rewarded with that first look again.  Good work hubby!