Medicine In The Closet

medicineI keep our medicine in the closet.  Three reasons.  One: It is supposed to be kept in a room temperature spot, away from humidity….ie not in the bathroom.  Two: I have a lock on this closet door that none of my children can open…yet.  Three: It’s where I have the space.  I keep all the meds on this lazy suzan which is great because I can spin it and find what I need.  It is also great in case anything happens to leak…it doesn’t get all over my shelf.  This is pretty much all we seem to need for our family of five.  I keep all my husband’s indigestion meds in the kitchen where he looks for them and one bottle of tylenol.  In the container to the right I have our homeopathic meds, thermometer, some extra kleenex and some medicine dispensers.    Have you thought about how you store your meds?

Below the medicine shelf I have the first aid shelf.  Two of these handy dandy little plastic drawer organizers fit nicely on this narrow shelf.  I have one drawer filled with ointments, one drawer filled with sunscreens, one drawer filled with bandaids and gauze and tape, one drawer filled with extra toothbrushes and toothpaste….and one filled with batteries.  Batteries Julie? How is that related.  Well it’s the closet that locks remember.  So the best way to keep my kids out of the batteries and replacing “dead” batteries that I don’t deem worth replacing at the moment is to lock em up.  Batteries ain’t cheap ya know.

And lastly the bottom of the closet.  That is my decorating station.  I have a rolling bin filled with pretty ribbons, atop that rolling bin is a stack of paintings my daughter did in prek.  She painted every single day and we had so many paintings.  I kept some and the rest have remained here and I use them as wrapping paper.  She loved to paint with glitter paint and they are so pretty I had to share them.  The silver trash basket holds rolls of wrapping paper and tissue paper and behind that are my boxes and bags lined up neatly against the wall.

Remember what I said yesterday about thinking outside the box in regards to closet organization.   This closet is much more than a linen closet for me.   How about you? Do you have a closet you would like to repurpose?  Have you done something like this in your own home?


  1. Nancy Moses :

    We also store our medicine in a hall closet! The meds are up on a high shelf, divided into low boxes (pain meds, bandaids, ointments, etc). The closet also holds extra toiletries, a broom for a quick sweep around the cat food dishes (served in the next room), and a step stool.

  2. I love the idea of a lazy susan for medicines. I was sitting here thinking “I don’t have anywhere else I can store RX’s, otc meds & the like” because I only have one downstairs closet and it’s not storage friendly. But then I realized – I have these huge farm-house style kitchen cupboards, that I’m really not utilizing well and I could easily adapt one of them for med storage. My two older boys are now old enough to get their own ibuprofen, tums & such and could easily reach them on one of the higher shelves.

    Thanks Julie, for helping me think outside the box – or should I say bathroom closet!