Find It In Five

How do you know if you are actually organized?  It’s doesn’t matter if it looks great if you can’t find what you are looking for or needing.  The inability to find what you are in need of costs you money.   If you can’t find it, you must replace it or do without.  How many times have you purchased something only to find it’s duplicate in some random spot in your home.   While working on a project with my clients we often find duplicates of staplers, scissors, nail clippers, kitchen gadget and the like.  Why?  Because they didn’t know where the first one was so they got a second, or third even!  So, thinking through how you are going to use an object often helps guide us on where to put it in our home.

Example:  My sister called last week needing a power supply for a computer monitor.  That’s one of those things that you just have but you don’t need it on a regular basis so you probably shoved it in a closet or in a drawer.  Instead of doing that I have a “cable bin” in the garage.  Inside this bin it’s divided into categories (in bags) of tv cables, computer cables, cellphone cables and miscellaneous.  (I have a bag of miscellaneous lest you think I’m overly organized.)  She needed the cable for that night.  It felt great to tell her “come on over, I’m not sure if I have one but if I do I know right where it is.”  And indeed I did have one and found it in about a minute.  That saved my sister time and money.

Now sometimes it’s ok to have things in different spots in your house.   I have several sets of scissors in my home.  What? Julie, didn’t you just say that we shouldn’t have duplicates of items in our house?  Hold your horses, let me explain.  Like I said, I have several sets of scissors.  I have one in the kitchen because I need it to open packets of food, annoying clamshell packaging, etc.  I have one pair at my desk because I don’t want to walk to the kitchen when I’m working.  I have one pair of hair cutting scissors in the bathroom to cut bangs and my kiddos hair.  I have one pair in the tool drawer in the closet.  (tool drawer? yea…I’ll have to explain that in another post)  My point is that I know where each pair is and they have specific purposes.

So, think about this for your own home.  How can you bring order to your home so that you can find things in just five minutes?  Have you ever purchased something only to find a duplicate later?