The Art of Organizing A Closet

laundry jackson's closet

Closets can be amazing.  They can also be dreadful.  It all comes down to how well you are able to make the space function and also be aesthetically pleasing.  I live in a 1964 ranch home.  They are not known for their amazing closet space but aside from the kitchen I can say that there is ample space in this home.  I have managed to successfully stash most everything we own within our main living space and avoid going to the attic which creeps me out to no extent.  I don’t have any fancy closet systems.  I have no walk in closets.  They are just your basic run of the mill closet.  I am however constantly assessing how I am using these spaces. Why? Because our space needs change all the time.   As my children grow…my needs change.   As I start a new business…my needs change.  As the size of my son’s foot grows…needs change.

I also use closets in unconventional ways.  Just because someone says it’s a “linen closet” doesn’t mean I have to store my linens in there.  If I personally have few linens but have tons of office supplies guess what that closet needs to become to me…an office closet.  Think outside the box a bit.  Invite your friendly neighborhood organizing consultant over *ching* to help you rethink a space and move things around.  Sometimes it’s best to just start over completely.  Take everything out of a closet and replace the contents with a fresh eye.   You will likely come across things that you need to purge and free up valuable space in that closet.   You’ll probably find something hiding in there that you need to return to your best friend.  You might even find a gift you can let your daughter give to her friend at her 5th birthday party coming up.

julie closet office


Now that we’ve discussed function for a closet, let’s discuss making it look good!  For most of us, something that is restful for our eyes looks beautiful.   What does this mean? It means that you need to give yourself permisssion to aquire some matching hangers.  They don’t have to be super expensive.  I just saw packs of 20 hangers for $2.00 at Target today.  It makes a big difference.  If you’re using the closet to store office supplies or outgrown clothing or special keepsakes then find a way to have similar containers.   Even if they are all the same color and not the same size/shape…it still makes a difference.   Remember that thing you just found in the back of the closet that you forgot was in there…now you don’t have to replace it and therefore you can afford to buy some hangers or containers. Victory! Being organized is going to save you money in the long run and bring your more peace.



  1. Julie Brock Reeves :

    Oh my. The office supply closet is a revelation. Thank you!

    • So glad you are inspired…let us know if you create an office closet. I’d love to see!

  2. So true, julie! You and I have been making a wrapping closet for me for many years…way before kids. It started as a bin, I remember, and we were so happy to get to turn a whole linen closet into one shelf of towels and the rest craft and gift wrapping supplies. Remember when the best idea you had was putting all the gift bags into one big gift bag to organize them? That changed the whole space! LOL!