Are you overwhelmed by the growing piles in your house?
Is your clutter keeping you from being productive?
Do you feel embarrassed to have someone over to your home?
Do you ever look around and just don’t know where to start?

Neat & Pretty can help!

Getting organized will not only save you time and money but it will reduce your stress and frustration levels.  You will have more time to live and work, doing what you love in a space that you love.  I understand busy, overwhelmed and crazy and I’m certain I have a plan that can work for you!

You will learn how to be more organized and efficient so that the systems we set up are easy for you to maintain.

I will listen to your needs and create systems that work for your specific family and lifestyle.

Together, we will define your needs, develop a custom system to fit your lifestyle and implement a plan so that you can live or work in a space that you feel is both neat and pretty and makes you HAPPY!


  • setting up organized household systems
  • choosing what to store and keep while raising children
  • closet organizing
  • decluttering
  • space planning
  • preparing a home for a move
  • setting up a new home with intention
  • staging a home for sale
  • finding the right places for everything in your home
  • home office organizing
  • email and digital organization
  • kitchen cabinet and pantry organizing
  • organizing storage spaces, garages and basements
  • time management coaching

Ready to Get Started?

Read what my clients are saying about getting their own spaces organized:

Julie brings an excellent blend of organization and style to her work. She’s an expert at taking stock of what’s in your home and how it can be put to better, more beautiful use. If you’re worried about an organizer who just wants you to purge all your stuff, don’t give that a second thought with Julie. She won’t make you get rid of anything you’re not ready to part with. She may tease you a little bit about why you feel compelled to keep that first-generation digital camera that’s the size of a brick (true story!), but if you can find a place to display your treasures or store them, they are yours for the keeping. Julie will gently walk you through the process of choosing what to keep, what to store, what to sell, what to trash, and what to give away. In the end, your space will feel spacious and light. If you want more room to breathe, hire Julie! – Jenni D.

I am in organizing bliss. Can you blog on this? How organizing makes you *feel*! Seriously, maybe its because the kids haven’t yet come home from the lake and destroyed everything, or maybe not. But I am feeling so incredibly thankful for your help in making things look better, feel better and run more smoothly in my busy party of five home. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me FEEL so much better in my own home! – Meg H.

Thank you Julie. I feel like that may not be enough. Julie and I spent 14 hours on my house and I can not believe the difference it has made in my family’s life. I feel like i made a great decision for my family we were just overrun with life and having Julie there made you slow down focus and get the “things” in your life in so you can live peacefully and fully to your family’s potential.  She is non-judgmental! The systems that she comes up with save time and are very easy to maintain. Thank you for peace Julie. – Grace C.

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